10th August 2021 (The Pendle Dalesman)

Date Tuesday, 10th August 2021

Locomotive 45699 (Galatea)

Ran as 45627

Direction North and south

Load 13

Diesel None

Headboard The Dalesman

Tour promoter West Coast Railways

Operating company West Coast Railways


  • Lancaster (45627 on)
  • Blackburn
  • Hellifield
  • Carlisle
  • Hellifield
  • Blackburn
  • Lancaster (45627 off)


First unaided load of 13 carriages behind a Jubilee on the Settle Carlisle in preservation. 45699 running with 45627 smokebox number, Sierra Leone namplates and 45562 numbers on the cabside.
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Performance data (Appleby to Ais Gill)
Timing begins at mp275, the Blue Riband start point.

Recorder: Sandy Smeaton