23rd April 1983 (Thames Eden Pullman)

Date Saturday, 23rd April 1983

Ran as 46229

Direction South

Load 12

Diesel None

Operating company British Railways


  • Leicester
  • Carlisle (46229 on)
  • Hellifield
  • Leeds (46229 off)
  • Leicester


Following setting back at Appleby to allow a service train to pass, the driver Edwin Altham departed Appleby on the guards third whistle. Clearly an attempt on the Blue Riband record was being made and was looking good, only to be checked at Kirkby Stephen due to the service train having not yet cleared Blea Moor. It was now obvious why Edwin was in no rush to depart Appleby! The Thames Eden Pullman was swapped for the Thames Clyde Express somewhere between Kirkby Stephen and Settle, most likely Garsdale.