25th March 1978 (The Norfolkman)

Date Saturday, 25th March 1978

Locomotive 60800 (Green Arrow)

Ran as 4771

Direction North

Load 12

Diesel None

Tour name The Norfolkman

Headboard The Norfolkman

Operating company British Railways


  • London Euston
  • Leeds (4771 on)
  • Hellifield
  • Carlisle (4771 off)
  • London Euston


The first steam tour over Settle Carlisle since 11th August 1968. The train originated from London Euston with Green Arrow operating the Leeds to Carlisle section. The name "The Norfolkman" was in recognition of Bill Harvey, a one time shed master at Norwich, who played a major part in the overhaul of Green Arrow.