The end of 'the long drag' from Settle Junction to Blea Moor is in sight for driver Chris Cubitt as Jubilee No.45699 'Galatea', masquerading as 45562 'Alberta' forges north with the down Waverley past Selside Shaw during a dramatic burst of sunshine.

The Settle to Carlisle steam record

This web site sets out to record a log of every steam hauled train over the Settle to Carlisle Railway since the end of mainline steam on 11th August 1968.

Excluding Flying Scotsman, which had a special agreement with British Railways, the first official return of steam to the full length of the Settle Carlisle was on 25th March 1978, when LNER V2 No.4771 'Green Arrow' hauled 'The Norfolkman'.

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The Blue Riband

The fastest times between Ormside and Ais Gill from a standing start at Appleby.

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Some runs over the Settle Carlisle stand out from others. Here are just a few.

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View speed and time information on the main climbing sections of the Settle Carlisle line.